MortgageSafe – Safeguard Your Mortgage Repayments

MortgageSafe ensures your mortgage repayments are covered when you are unable to work due to accident or illness for 4 weeks or more.

With a simple application process and three straightforward cover levels, you can choose how much cover you need.

Even the price is easy to get your head around. It’s simple, fast and it’s waiting to help you get the peace of mind you deserve.



There’s nowhere more comfortable than your own home.

It’s the place where you can look forward to raising a family, spending time with friends and making memories for years to come.

However, thinking about your future doesn’t stop here. Whatever you have planned for your home, you need the confidence you can keep looking forward, even through difficult times.

If you have an accident or are ill and unable to work, MortgageSafe will pay lump sums of money to help with your monthly mortgage payments, so you can go on enjoying your home while you get better.


MortgageSafe is simple, affordable, and easy to buy

It’s flexible too. There are 3 levels of cover to choose from, so you can find the right level for you depending on your lifestyle, health and the size of your monthly mortgage repayment.

Cover Options

MortgageSafe offers 3 levels of cover to choose from, depending on your needs.

Our Core Cover option is accident only cover, so we won’t ask you any medical history questions.

Essential12 and Essential24 cover options adopt a quick and easy approach to reviewing your medical history. All our questions focus on significant or recent medical conditions only. We won’t ask you any questions about your family history.

If you need to claim, Core and Essential12 will pay for up to 12 months. Essential24 will pay for up to 24 months.

Each level of cover has a 4 week waiting period, meaning you must be unable to work for 4 or more weeks to receive the first payment. However, you can submit your claim in advance if you know you’ll be unable to work, and we’ll make benefit payments to cover you from the first day you wereunable to work.

MortgageSafe at a glance

MortgageSafe is simple, affordable, and easy to buy.

It’s flexible too. There are 3 levels of cover to choose from, so you can find the right level for you depending on your lifestyle, health and the size of your monthly mortgage repayment.

If you’re unable to work, due to accident or illness, we’ll pay a lump sum of money monthly – either to you or directly to your mortgage lender, to help with the mortgage payments.


Core accident only cover available with no medical questions.

Extended accident and illness cover options subject to a simplified set of medical questions.

Premiums refunded during any claim period, so you’re not out of pocket.

Optional Child Cover available to add to the policy for an additional cost. This isn’t linked to your mortgage and is there to help families better cope with any unexpected financial burdens and to help support you through disruption to normal life as a result of your child being unwell.

How MortgageSafe works


You can take out a MortgageSafe policy during your mortgage application process, or at any time. You can cover part or all of your monthly mortgage repayment amount – up to a maximum of £1,500 per month. Your adviser can discuss your needs with you and help you do this.


Once you’ve agreed the level of cover which is right for you, your adviser will confirm your premium and coverage agreed and complete your digital application.




If you have an accident or are ill and expect to be unable to work for 4 weeks or more, contact the claims team on 0800 917 0100.

The expert claims team aim to assess your claim within 5 working days.

Once accepted, we’ll pay lump sums of money to help cover your mortgage costs during the period you are unable to work. We can also send the payment directly to your mortgage lender – whichever is most convenient for you.

Optional Child Cover

Families can choose to add Optional Child Cover onto their policy for an additional £3 per month.

It isn’t linked to your mortgage. It’s simply there to help families get back on track and manage any unexpected costs associated with child accidents and illness.

This cover provides a lump sum of money directly to you, to help
support you through disruption to normal life if any one of your children
is unlucky enough to break a bone, spend time in hospital or be diagnosed with cancer –
excluding less advanced cases*. It provides protection for all eligible children aged 6 months to 18 years, or up to 23 years if your child is in full-time education.

It can be selected and removed from the policy at any time after the policy start date.

* In line with the ABI’s Guide to Minimum Standards for Critical Illness Cover, we do not cover cases of cancer that are less advanced. Please see the policy terms and conditions for full details of the cancer types that are not covered.


Broken bones

Major (arm, ankle, back, cranium, hip, leg, mandible, neck, pelvis, shoulder or wrist) – £500

Minor (any other) excluding the nose


Hospitalisation (per 24 hour period) as a result of accident or illness

Hospital admission due to illness after cover has been held for 12 months – £50 per day

Cancer - excluding less advanced cases

Lump sum per valid diagnosis, per child


Mortgage cover options to
suit your needs

There are a range of options and cover levels to keep MortgageSafe affordable

So you can focus on the future, rather than your finances. All levels of cover are available for employed and self-employed individuals.

Learn more on the following page with some examples, and understand what level of cover might suit your needs.

If you have a question about MortgageSafe insurance or would like to start your enquiry then please call our team today

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