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Nicola Hall

Nicola Hall

MultiProtect Team

The true value of MultiProtect

The MultiProtect claims philosophy is built on the trust that one day, when you really need it, you will be delivered what you expect – to be paid your
claim in a timely manner, with no fuss and with an understanding of what has happened to you.

Here are some examples of how customers have been helped when they really needed it.

Hospital stay due to sickness – Payout of £22,500

Mr R, a Builder, took out 5 units of cover in June 2017.  A year later he had a stroke and was in hospital. The claim form was received on 15th October 2018 and we paid the claim in full on 18th October 2018.

The policyholder was in hospital for a total of 112 days meaning he was able to claim the maximum 90 day hospitalisation benefit. MetLife paid a total £22,500. This payment was made to support Mr R during his recovery following his stroke.

Mr R’s policy was over 12 months old meaning he was eligible to claim for UK hospitalisation benefit due to sickness.

Mountain bike accident – Payout of £7,050

Mr F, an Aircraft Engineer/ Fitter, was out mountain biking when he lost control of his bike on a muddy corner and fell down an embankment. He fractured his collarbone and two ribs and had to spend 3 days in hospital.

The policyholder held 2 policies meaning he was covered by a total of 5 units. MetLife assessed the claim and paid a total of £7,050 consisting of £6,300 for the broken bones and £750 for the hospital stay. MetLife paid the claim within 5 working days.

Roadside accident – Payout of £114,000

Mr G, a self-employed HGV driver, was driving a pick-up lorry when he had to stop to check something on his vehicle. Whilst checking, he was hit by a lorry, sustaining a range of serious injuries. Mr G fractured 20 major broken bones including his pelvis, tibia, fibula and scapula. He fractured 14 spinal bones, 2 wrist bones and 6 minor bones including his ribs.

Mr G needed to spend 32 days in hospital.

The policyholder held 5 units of cover. MetLife assessed his claim and paid a total of £114,000 consisting of £100,000 for the major broken bones, £6,000 for the minor broken bones and £8,000 for hospitalisation. 

Mr G has now been discharged from hospital and is recovering from his injuries.