Legal Indemnities with the difference

When buying property, Grosvenor Insurance Brokers arrange all sorts of insurance covers to suit your client’s or their lender’s needs. As a member of Marsh Pro-broker (a network of independent intermediaries throughout the UK) we have access to a number of markets that many of our competitors simply don’t have. Examples of the indemnities we can arrange include:
  • Absence of easements
  • Chancel repair
  • Contaminated land Defective titles
  • Flying/creeping freehold
  • Lost title deeds
  • Mining/mineral rights
  • Obstruction of right of way
  • Possessory title
  • Restrictive covenants
  • Right of light
  • Sewer indemnity
This is not an exhaustive list. Most of our partner insurers will consider other types of indemnities emanating from the ownership or leasing of property.
We appreciate your clients or other interested parties may require a quotation and cover quickly. Therefore, we seek to act as swiftly as possible. Quickly providing cover once you are able to supply all relevant legal documentation, including correspondence from third parties such as local authorities, and details of the risk itself.

Solutions, through insurance, can be considered for family and business matters. Examples of this are:

  • Incorrect power of attorney
  • Insolvency act
  • Judicial review
  • Matrimonial home act
  • Breach of trust
Information on these products and other indemnities can be provided on request.
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