Extortion and kidnap threats are a growing problem, just don’t let them become a catastrophe for you and your family.

Cover you and your family from just £500 per year.

In an increasingly dangerous and changing world, Private Client Crisis Insurance is a new and innovative product that not only covers you, but covers ALL of your immediate family members too.

NYA International is a specialist crisis prevention and response consultancy which has been in operation since 1990, helping clients reduce their exposure to and manage incidents of kidnap and ransom, extortion, illegal detention, marine piracy, emergency evacuation, malicious product tampering and related global security problems.

The team of response consultants have been carefully selected from a variety of backgrounds, including all arms of the military, national law enforcement, international intelligence agencies and the commercial and corporate security and risk management sector.


Providing cover as well as expert guidance on how to protect family and loved ones.

  • An in-depth risk assessment on each family and their risk exposure.
  • Areas covered – lifestyle, mobility, residence, cyber & travel exposure.
  • Direct access to AIG’s prevention consultancy team and online resources.

    Exceptional insurance cover to guarantee peace of mind.

  • Protection against all types of threat & extortion (including Kidnap) at full policy limits.
  • All family members & domestic staff covered both at home and abroad.
  • Additional covers – personal financial loss, public relations, increased security.

    Crisis response should the worst happen.

  • UNLIMITED access to one of the most experienced consultancies in the world (see below).
  • Minimum of two consultants deployed to any event within 24 hours of notification.
  • Step by step guidance of crisis management from the outset right through to post event damage limitation.

Is it only extremely wealthy individuals who are at risk?

Depending on where in the world people live and travel, the threat of kidnap and extortion can still be present, whether someone is rich or not, and wealth is often a relative concept.

Travel can be inherently risky because it places the insured in new and often unfamiliar environments. They may not be aware of the nature or level of security threats in each country, speak the language or know which areas to avoid. They will stand out from the local population and in many parts of the world, be attractive targets for criminal activity, due to their “western” status or perceived wealth.

Is the individual aware that security incidents can occur all over the world and in countries not traditionally considered “high Risk”?

Whilst the top 5 countries for kidnap for ransom are Nigeria, Mexico, Pakistan, Yemen and Syria (as at July 2013), NYA (our retained crisis prevention and response consultants), has provided security incident response services in the last 12 months in the UK, France, Germany, New Zealand and the USA, to name but a few.

Is the individual aware of the Frequency of incidents globally?

For example there were over 2,500 reported incidents for kidnap for ransom in Mexico alone in 2012. Furthermore it is estimated that around 70% of cases do not get reported due to fear of reprisal and police corruption.

Does your family face kidnap risks?

People face all kinds of extortion threats and not only in the areas traditionally considered as high risk. Stalking, tiger, express or disappearance threats happen anywhere in the world. The cover has expanded into this arena in order to provide cover for new and emerging crises.

Why bother with insurance, why not just take care of any losses yourself?

Financial loss from ransom payments and other expenses is truly not the only consideration. The policy provides guaranteed, immediate and unlimited access to the specialist response services of NYA International. Without this guarantee provided by the policy, you may not be able to access these specialist services when you need them most

Is it really worth the risk for as little as £500 per year?

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