Kidnap & ransom insurance

Kidnap & Ransom Insurance

In an increasingly dangerous and changing world, Private Client Crisis Solutions Insurance is a new, and innovative product that covers you and ALL of your family members, in the event of extortion, kidnap and stalking to name a few covers.  With worldwide cover as standard, protecting your family on those adventure holidays, romantic trips, or city breaks at home and abroad has never been easier.

More and more affluent clients are putting this cover in place, following recent high-profile incidents across the world. Once just thoughtt of as a “Columbian” problem, kidnap in its many different guises and extortion has made its way across the Pond. Individuals and family members are increasingly becoming targeted by criminals both home and abroad.

Grosvenor Insurance specialises in bespoke insurance services for affluent and corporate clients. The three component parts of the contract includes advise on threat prevention, insurance and vitally, response should something dreadful happen.

With premiums starting at just £500, (less than a one-way ticket to the US), we can cover you for:

    Hostage or kidnapping
    Abduction / disappearance
    Aggravated robbery
    Physical threats
    Stalking (physical and cyber)
    Civil unrest following security alerts
    (both home and abroad)

There’s even a 24-hour helpline for advice on travel – ideal for students travelling on gap years.

Call us today on 01244 324891 and we’ll show you the Grosvenor Insurance difference